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Top 10 Most Played Steam Games by chaotea
Top 10 Most Played Steam Games
A top 10 listing of my most played games (in hours spent) according to the stats on the Steam Calculator. Some similarities to my favorites list. In the case of the 3 dawn of war games, it counts the expansions as separate games.

Check out the steam calculator for yourself, link below.


The template can be found here:…

My Top 10 favorites:…

Steam Calculator:
Top 10 favorite steam games by chaotea
Top 10 favorite steam games
My Top 10 favorite games on Steam. These are my personal favorites throughout my entire history on steam. Those that i had the most fun playing. Not my top 10 best games, or my most played, just the ones i enjoyed playing the most.


Template here if you want to do your own:…
Top 10 Board by chaotea
Top 10 Board
A little Top 10 display board i whipped up on photoshop as i wanted to do a few top 10 doodads. Feel free to download this and make your own top 10 lists. Remember to put a link back to this so others can do the same.
Music Warframe Concept - Art by chaotea
Music Warframe Concept - Art

At the beginning of the month i posted up a concept for a warframe i had come up with. Decided to do a quick sketch today to show what i what thinking. Again, much like the concept itself the end product would be determined by DE and any changes would be welcome.

I'll post the description of the warframe below as i did in the forum.

Used 2 random templates from google searching 'male drawing templates'. Otherwise it was all done with a mouse on photoshop.

"Hey all.


So ive been making up some new frames in my spare time. Planning on posting a whole bunch at the same time as they general take about 1/4 of a page each, but i came up with this one and wrote two pages about it, so i thought i'd share. I generally consider myself good at this sort of thing, as i hate the idea of an 'overpowered' frame. I like things to be balanced. But i also know that some of my favorite powers are the ones that have quirks about them. So i try to make it interesting.


Please read the whole thing before commenting, as everything is ment to work in synergy with each other.


NOTE: Obviously this is a concept. Any and all stats and percentages ive given are ballpark figures and if this concept ever got through i would fully expect DE to put their own numbers in there as they know best. So dont comment on what stat numbers you think would work better, as it would be silly. Instead, do comment on the things the stats effect. This is also the case for the names of abilities.


The frame is based around music as a theme, but i didnt want it to be sound based effects that dominated the frames presence in a game, hence i used the term 'sound' in the title. This is not to say im trying to make another banshee. Where banshee is a stealth frame, this one is more a caster.


I realize this wont be for everyone, but if you dont like it then say why specifically. We're all here to make the game we love better.



Right, have fun (Also, power 1 is the crucial power. Best not to skip it).

NB: Edited ability 2, was always meant to be a armour debuff on yellow.



Sound / Music Based Frame:



Male, slim. Tall & thin. Upper body slightly bulkier like is wearing American football armour. Has circular speakers of varying size around torso.  Most of primary body smooth and rounded, but feet and ‘armour’ more square / angular. Rather than regular feet, has ‘skates’. No moving parts to skates, but transfers energy through feet apparatus to glide along the ground (still throws up small amount of sparks when sprinting). Portions of the armour colour are unable to be modified, as relates to visual que to power. This could be replaced with visual effect on final.



Builds up momentum quicker, having slightly higher sprint and movement speed. Loses it slower, giving a slight slide when stopping.


Abilities are single cast, with cool downs until ability has finished being active unless stated otherwise.



                Ability 1: Beat ‘em up – The frame alters its power set based on 3 ‘colours’ of music. Red (Represents power), Blue (Represents Defence), and Yellow (Represents Speed). (Idealy these colours would change brightness based on the warframes energy colour brightness. This power would have a set energy per cast. During Red the frame gets a 20% damage boost, but looses 10% Armour. During Blue the frame gets a 10% shield boost, and a 10% health boost, but looses 5% move speed & 5% melee attack speed. During Yellow the frame gets a 10% movement speed boost & a 10% reload speed boost with guns equipped/ Melee attack speed with melee weapon equipped, but loosed 10% damage. Both buff and debuff are tied to power strength.


Note: Stats are based on fully ranked abilities. Adding strength gives a better boost, but also a bigger debuff. Conversely lower strength eliminates both buff and debuff. Higher buffs than debuffs are to provide pull to each colour, and more of a benefit to switching frequently, yet having a permanent stat change means that you can switch based on utility rather than need to maintain the buffs.



                Ability 2: Sonic Sheet – Warframe produces a wave of sonic energy forward in a 45 degree cone. During Red the shockwave does damage to enemies. During Blue the shockwave causes knockdown (minor ragdoll) on all enemies hit. During Yellow the shockwave applies Armour Debuff to all enemies. All effects are altered by strength mods. Range of shockwave is increased by duration mods. Radius of shockwave is effected by range mods.



                Ability 3: Bass Barrier – Warframe covers itself and nearby allies in a shield. During Red it damages adjacent enemies ^10% total enemy hp every 3 seconds (visual cue to this is that the shield ‘flexes’). During Blue it reduces ranged damage by ^50%. During Yellow fire rate/melee range is increased ^20%. Shield effects are divided per ally sharing the shield. Ability is toggleable (Does not cost more energy to use for more frames, as effect is reduced) Ability effects are modified by strength. Radius of effecting allies is modded with range mods.



                Ability 4: Wub Cannon – Warframe fires are sonic projectile forward, knocking down enemies it hits. On hitting a hard surface (wall, floor, ect) or on second ability activation the projectile detonates, creating a AoE blast that damages all enemies nearby per second for 4(?) seconds. During Red Enemies hit by the projectile are also damaged. The blast does more damage. During Blue enemies hit by the blast are stunned. Enemies hit by the projectile are stunned after recovery from being knocked down. During Yellow Enemies hit by the main blast emit an additional, smaller blast centred on the enemy, damaging the effected enemy and nearby enemies. This triggers once per enemy. Enemies hit by the projectile also receive this mini blast. Damage is effected by strength mods. Blast (initial) radius is effected by range. Amount of blasts is effected by continuity

Note: Ability colour remains the same as when it was fired, regardless of whether the warframe changes colour.



Augments: Possible augments designed to alter how the warframe plays, makes it more supportive.


Ability 1 Augment: Nearby allies also are effected by the buff for X seconds. Only last buff cast applies.


Ability 2 Augment: Allies hit by the wave gain Health / Shield / Ammo based on Red/Blue/Yellow.


Ability 3 Augment: For each warframe under shield, Increase Health / Sheild / Speed by 5(?)%.


Ability 4 Augment: Warframes in the blast radius receive a 1% Damage / Shield Regen (regardless of recent damage) / Energy per enemy caught in blast (additive over course of power, effect added at end of ability. Energy is 1 unit per enemy, not percentage).




Ability 4 Augment 2: During Red each successive blast an enemy receives deals additional damage. During Blue enemies in and up to 30% outside the blast radius are pulled towards the centre of the blast at each blast. During Yellow enemies hit by secondary blasts from enemies affected by projectile or blast will themselves emit a secondary blast. This will not make additional blasts. Enemies who have produced secondary blast will continue to do so while under the effect of the primary, but will only take the first instance of damage."



Jacob Begley
United Kingdom
My eyes only glow red on Tuesdays.

Current Residence: Tiffield, Northamptonshire
Favorite genre of music: Anything that works up my imagination
Favorite photographer: Hand in mine
Favorite style of art: Graphic Design
Operating System: A computer
MP3 player of choice: I luv my Ipod.
Shell of choice: A hard one
Wallpaper of choice: No wallpaper for me, I just paint my walls instead.
Skin of choice: The one keeping my squishy yet necessary body organs where they should be.
Favorite cartoon character: Torg. Nuff said.
Personal Quote: Win or loose, no quitting!

Journal History

So its been a while since ive posted anything. I kind of took a break from modeling, however this weekend i painted the first model i have in months. So likely i will be getting back into the swing of things soon enough.


Updated: 08/05/14

Heralding my retern to all things warhammer, i have begun planning my next 'Project'. In this i have ordered one of the new Durthu models, and will be converting him into an eldar avatar.
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